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    April 29, 2016

    Cutting-Edge Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery on CBS News

    This week, the Florida Spine Institute’s Dr. Ashraf Hanna and Dr. Scott Webb were on a CBS News segment to discuss artificial disc replacement surgery and the latest advances in spine surgery. The CBS segment featured the new cutting-edge procedure, Artificial Disc Replacement, which is changing lives and revolutionizing treatment of chronic back and neck pain.
    Dr. Hanna, a board certified physician and director of pain management at the Florida Spine Institute, started off the interview by discussing the different treatment options available: “The Florida Spine Institute offers a comprehensive wellness program and multi-disciplinary treatment modalities ranging from physical therapy, simple injections to procedures such as radio frequency ablation and spinal cord stimulation implants.”
    “The majority of our patients do well with conservative care and only 5-10% of patients will have to undergo spine surgery. When it comes to spine surgery, or surgeons offer all aspects of surgical procedures from minimally-invasive surgery to the more complex multi-level fusion surgery, instead of being limited to only on procedure like laser spine surgery.”
    Dr. Webb, director of Spine surgery at the Florida Spine Institute goes on to explain that artificial disc replacement has recently become a viable options for patients with diseased or damaged discs and describes this advancement in spine surgery: “In the past, we used spinal fusions to bind multiple vertebrae together, which restricted movement and introduced increased pressure to the adjacent vertebrae. Now, with the new Artificial Disc Replacement procedure, patients have much more range of motion and can be confident in the lifespan of the treatment.”
    Also interviewed during the segment, was Hollywood screenwriter and best-selling author, R.J. Smith who is a patient of Dr. Webb and talked about the success of his artificial disc replacement surgery: “Before seeing Dr. Webb, I was riding my bicycle in 2013 and fell into an un-barricaded hole. After losing all feeling in my left arm and fingers, I consulted with Dr. Webb who advised of a surgery we could attempt to try and bring back the movement and feeling, but that there were no guarantees. Luckily, I regained motion after a successful surgery performed by Dr. Webb.”
    The Florida Spine Institute has been the leader and most trusted medical facility in the Tampa Bay area for over 25 years. We are proud to offer the latest advancements in treating spine pain, joint pain and spinal surgery. To get more information about this procedure, click our link below.

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