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Three locations serving the entire Tampa Bay area.

Pain Management


+ First combined artificial disc and facet joint replacement in the world.

Therapy & Rehabilitation

+ Actively involved in research, such as artificial discs to spare spine motion and ultimately not require fusions.

Pain Management

+ Actively involved in research for development of minimally invasive techniques to have patients heal and recovery earlier.

Pain Management Research Therapy & Rehabilitation Pain Management
Non-Surgical Treatments and Conditions

Providing custom-made solutions

non-surgical_home Explore our doctor’s vast area of expertise in regards to acute and chronic pain management.

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Surgical Treatments and Conditions

Orthopedic spine surgery and neurosurgery

surgical-treatments-homeElite surgeons merging surgical skills for the best possible care. 

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Outpatient Surgical Center (CMED)

Innovative painless spinal injections

outpatient-homeWe perform all types of non-surgical procedures to fit your needs.

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Therapy & Rehabilitation

Integrating physical therapists and chiropractors

therapy-rehab-homeOne to one rehabilitation involving manual therapy and state of the art modalities

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Imaging Services

Cutting edge imaging services

imaging-services-homeThe finest and most precise imaging devices.

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Auto Accident / Work Injury

One stop care for personal injury

auto-accident-homeProviding precise medical diagnosis, documentation and successful treatments.

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The Florida Spine Institute helps you get your life back!

At Florida Spine Institute you will have a multi-disciplinary spine care team. Board Certified diagnostic, medical, and surgical spine specialists will provide you with the most advanced care available. Our doctors, surgeons and therapist will provide all your consultations and treatment on a single campus which has helped thousands of patients, just like you, for over 20 years.

Florida Spine Institute is the leading, and one of most trusted, medical facilities that specializes in pain management, neurology, and surgery in the Clearwater, St. Petersburg and Tampa area. Our team of highly qualified and experienced physicians treat thousands of patients every year, both from within and outside Florida.